Dedicated to Bringing You the Highest Quality Worldwide

Founded in 2006 in the ever-prospering world city in Hong Kong, BRIO-Trading International is a thriving young trading business that can play a key role in your product distributions and in supporting sales with local retail outlets. Our company maximizes its full location advantage with China now being World Center of Manufacturing and the world's 2nd largest economic system, and Hong Kong is traditionally China's Gateway to the world.

Our company captures the essence and the spirits of the 150 year old trading tradition of Hong Kong, and combines the best of both the Colonial Asian trading culture in the hope to bring our clients the best products and most reliable service sought after.

Our Work Etiquette is based on our simple and clear motto

"Dedicated to bringing You the Highest Quality Worldwide"

It is our deep understanding that without customers and suppliers like you, we simply do not exist.

True, reliability, great sense of responsibility, honesty, punctuality in goods delivery and customer service orientation built the foundation for BRIO-Trading International.

We have come knocking at your door because your products are very attractive to us and we would like the world to benefit from it.

Vice verse, we seek the opportunity to act as your product sourcing partner or your buyer to help you to import or export the products that you are looking for,
effortlessly and worldwide.

Hong Kong is strategically located as crossroad of Asia and being China’s most important city for international trade, we are well-facilitated with shipping capabilities and flexibilities to assist your commercial need.

We are young, energetic and trustworthy. Our reputation has earned us more than just laurels and accolades
within the distributor industry. We now by appointment
with various international brands, and we are
continuing to glow.

If you have any question, or would just like know more about us and our services, please contact us at